April 9, 2024

Kent ISD launches new hiring portal

Kent ISD has moved its job openings and hiring opportunities to a PowerSchool Platform. The new platform allows for a better application process for prospective employees. Kent ISD job openings and the application process can be found at this link. 

Kent ISD Human Resources oversees the functions of more than 1,600 full-time and part-time staff in the ISD. We also support the efforts of 20 public school districts in Kent County through consultant and technical assistance. Additionally, by providing a regular forum for discussion of key issues, we can provide leadership and resources that help area human resource administrators "Lead Learning" in their districts. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, accessibility, and overall sense of caring for our staff and community.

Several Kent County school districts also use the PowerSchool platform. You can find their job openings at this link.

The Kent County school districts that use the Frontline consortium have their job openings at this link.