Leading Learning Award

Students, staff, parents/families, visitors and community partners are invited to submit nominations to recognize any Kent ISD staff person for the Leading Learning Award.

Nominations are received by Human Resources and reviewed by Kent ISD's Leadership team. Award recipients are selected on a rolling monthly basis and there is no deadline for submission. Individuals receiving an award may be recognized at the public Board of Education meetings and/or in Kent ISD communications.

There are two distinct categories of the Leading Learning Award: Going Above and Beyond and Being a Leader of Learning. Regardless of which category is selected, nominees should demonstrate one or more of Kent ISD’s organizational values of:

  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Equity
  • Opportunities
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Excellence

Going Above and Beyond – Setting an Example

While small acts of kindness and general support are very important and always appreciated, this recognition is intended for contributions, actions and impact that are truly above and beyond, having a substantial impact on one or more parties.

Being a Leader of Learning

Any Kent ISD staff person is eligible for the Leader of Learning category including instructional, non-instructional, support staff, and administrators because leadership can and should emerge from every level of an organization. Being a Leader of Learning is typically not based on a single event or contribution but is instead reflective of a sustained effort and demonstrated commitment over time to lead by example, time, and talents toward an effort that directly or indirectly elevates the achievement, opportunities, access or wellbeing of our learners and/or colleagues.

Leading Learning award

Questions about the nomination process? Use the link below to get in touch.