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Kelloggsville Public Schools, home of the Rockets, is located within a 4.5 square mile radius nestled between the cities of Wyoming and Kentwood. Seven school buildings hold a diverse student population of 2,325 students, PreK through 12th grade and alternative education offerings. Kelloggsville is a diverse educational community that fosters a supportive learning environment for all learners. Our students enjoy focused attention, an engaged community and a strong sense of school pride.

District Mission

To embrace and model a community that values diversity, learning, caring and respect

Career Learning

We offer career and technical coursework through the Kent Career Tech Center and our district has approximately 15 business partners in our school-to-work program.

Academics and Beyond

Strong academics are the basis for all of K-12 learning beginning with literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition to these areas, we engage students with a wide range of courses including AP and foreign language. We also have after school opportunities ranging from sports and drama to various other clubs and activities.

Support For Students

We work hard to support students so they succeed, including hiring the best staff to assist them. In addition, we have counseling, home to school coordinators, instructional specialists and committed, caring support staff.

Early Childhood

Early childhood is a crucial time in children's lives - when they engage in the world around them and learn all the basics they'll use in school and beyond. Our Great Start Readiness Preschool programs help children prepare for school success.

Fund Allocation

How Kelloggsville is using the funds generated from the enhancement millage:

In 2017-2018

  • Taught AP Courses
  • Foreign language

In 2018-2019

  • Air conditioning
  • Safety officers
  • Maintenance equipment
  • School programs such as Advanced Placement, Work Based Learning, Close-Up, etc.,

Enhancement millage dollars received

Kelloggsville Public Schools has received the following enhancement millage dollars:

  • 2017-18 amount received - $496,369.80
  • 2018-19 amount received - $541,083.11
  • 2019-20 amount received - $564,895.07
  • 2020-21 amount received - $587,517.46
  • 2021-22 amount received - $578,926.22
  • 2022-23 amount expected - $626,612.10

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Kelloggsville Public Schools will embrace and model a community that values diversity, learning, caring and respect.

About Our District

Every school system has its own story to tell. The context in which teaching and learning takes place influences the processes and procedures by which the school system makes decisions around curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The context also impacts the way a school system stays faithful to its vision. Many factors contribute to the overall narrative such as an identification of stakeholders, a description of stakeholder engagement, the trends and issues affecting the school system, and the kinds of programs and services that a school system implements to support student learning.

The purpose of the Executive Summary (ES) is to provide a school system with an opportunity to describe in narrative form the strengths and challenges it encounters. By doing so, the public and members of the community will have a more complete picture of how the school system perceives itself and the process of self-reflection for continuous improvement. This summary is structured for the school system to reflect on how it provides teaching and learning on a day to day basis.

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Superintendent Samuel Wright

Superintendent, Samuel Wright