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Concerned about your child’s development?

If you have a pre-kindergarten-aged child between the ages of 3 and 5 in the Kent ISD service area and suspect they may be struggling to learn, Build Up is here for you. We connect parents with resources and their local school districts.

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Free Evaluations and Services

If you are worried about your child meeting developmental milestones, fill out our Inquiry form to initiate the evaluation process. Eligible children receive evaluations and services through their local school district. Evaluations and services are FREE.

Empowering Parents with Build Up

Build Up supports parents and their children, offering additional education support to ensure they acquire essential skills for kindergarten entry. Early intervention through supportive services is essential to overcoming learning challenges.

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For more information, contact our office, or complete the inquiry form below. We’re here to assist your child’s educational journey!

Who can refer?

What happens after an inquiry is placed?
Depending on the information provided, your inquiry may be routed to your local school district for processing, or you may be contacted by the Build Up office for further information.

Can I contact my local school district’s Special Education department directly?
Sure! You can find their contact information here: [link to come]

What if I don’t live within the Kent ISD service area?
Check out this directory of Michigan Build Up Coordinators

Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website to learn more about your preschooler's developmental milestones.

What Most Children Do at Age 3*

  • Copies adults and friends
  • Takes turns in games
  • Follows instructions with 2 or 3 steps
  • Plays make-believe with dolls, animals and people
  • May get upset with major changes in routine
  • May copy a circle with a pencil or crayon
  • Turns book pages one at a time
  • Runs easily

What Most Children Do at Age 4*

  • Enjoys doing new things
  • Would rather play with other children than by him/herself
  • Sings a song or says a poem from memory such as "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Wheels on the Bus"
  • Can say first and last name
  • Able to name some colors and numbers
  • Catches a bounced ball most of the time
  • Often can't tell what's real and what's make-believe

What Most Children Do at Age 5*

  • Hops; may be able to skip
  • Can print some letters or numbers
  • Likes to sing, dance and act
  • Is aware of gender
  • Can tell what's real and what's make-believe
  • Can play simple games such as Candy Land and Go Fish
  • Wants to be like friends
  • Is sometimes demanding and sometimes very cooperative

Need more information? Learn more about Build Up services, or call the Michigan Special Education Information Line at 1-888-320-8384.

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